Farmers Market

Grow local, buy local, eat local!

Local residents know that Spring has arrived when the farmer’s market starts up again.  The Farmers Market is pleased to have Mark Garner and Karen Hill as leadership in the local food -to-table movement.  So pleased is the local community that these two native Texans are now the proud owners of the Townhouse Cafe – a local favorite.

Now, however, this favorite eatery boasts local organic fare from Garner farms.  (Note: Garner farms also sells organic beef, lamb, and pork to locals and those of us who have ordered everything from small cuts of meat to whole sides of beef – say, “Thank You, and good eating. We enjoy it very much!”)

The Farmers Market is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the downtown square.  If rumors ring true, it may be moved soon to the vacant lot where a downtown business burned several years ago and is now boarded up.  The large vacant area will make the perfect spot for a more intimate market, perhaps with local artisan beers and wines, tables with umbrellas (for hot summer sun or light Spring rains) local musicians, water fountains -shrubbery – and beautiful flower baskets by the local Master Gardeners who grace our fair village, crafts, specialty breads (Neighbors Mill?) and of course, wonderful produce.  Will it go on into the night with twinkling lights above for a casual downtown experience?  We only hope.

Please, support your local Farmer’s Market!

 For more information, please contact Mark Garner, Market Manager, at 870.204.6495 or email at